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General Virus / Worm Avoidance

By attempting to impersonate or masquerade as ACS, site administrator, or an ACS network administrator, several virus writers hope that you will install an attachment to "maintain services," etc. Many variations of these type of worms are circulating the internet. They seek to scare you about something that is going to happen to your account if you do not run the attached files.  PLEASE BE ADVISED that ACS network administrators will NEVER send you an attachment, "zip" file, or other software and ask you to install it, without first verbally (by phone or in person) instructing you to do so. You should keep your computer updated with the latest security fixes from the operating system manufacturer. For example Microsoft Windows updates can be downloaded free from

Thank you for using ACS Online!  If you have any questions regarding these security issues, please give us a call at (970) 245-7088 or email us at We will respond as quickly as possible.

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